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Advancing Women in the workplace

#What an Incredible Time To Be A Women

Women in the workplace are beginning to play a crucial role in shaping and shifting business paradigms. With celebration of the efforts of our fore-mothers who marched and raised their voices to achieve these gains. Women still need to claim their power, see that their advice and expertise is valued and respected, conquer internal barriers, and work with other women and men.

The research is clear:

Diverse organizations have greater profits and larger market share. However, only 11% of organizations report that they have an inclusive culture. -Bersin by Deloitte

Lack of inclusion and unconscious bias means that women are less likely to have the powerful relationships (e.g., mentors and sponsors) and access to resources they need to succeed – and less likely to be represented in leadership.

Women in leadership is still a rare exception, therefore the more important it is to encourage them and help them discover their potential to give complete expression to their strengths.

The Shapers and Shifters Women in Leadership Training and Coaching Program integrates skills from Neuroscience of Leadership Coaching, Action Learning Resilience and Energy Creation, Research based mindfulness techniques, and Soulful Teachings of “Light on Life” for Brilliant Women to live inside-out.

Through this inner experiential journey – participants learn to develop control over actions in the outer world. Learn to play the game of life – a game where no one needs to lose

Thinking Man

Trauma Incident Reduction

Trauma incident reduction is a metaphysical tool used to help patients effectively detach from trauma experienced in the past.

It works on the premise that who we are today and how we behave and react to certain situations is solely based on our past

experiences and memories. 

It involves re-experiencing past traumas in a completely safe space which is free of distractions, judgments or interpretations and has

proven to be more effective then tradition therapy. 


When to use TIR?

TIR is highly effective in both reducing and eliminating the negative effects of past traumatic incidents. It is particularly useful when:

  • You have a specific trauma or set of traumas

  • You have been diagnosed with, or may suspect, that you have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • You experience a range of negative emotions, either chronically or in response to certain triggers

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