Meet the Team

Leadership Cafe is a Hub for Cultivating growth and change. 

If you a business owner seeking guidance, structure and the know how to enable your business to succeed through our ever changing external environment or if you are an individual seeking personal growth and development in the midst of  a storm, you have reached the right place.

Each program is uniquely designed to meet your needs.

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Meet The Team


Rita Ranchod

Rita has 17 years of Educational experience and 9 years in the people development field in the corporate world. She integrates the full people development spectrum, which includes strategic alignment and design of all people development projects, processes and initiatives. She   consults, designs, coaches, facilitates and sets up core people development processes which embed organizational values and culture.

Rita has a Social Science degree, an Honors degree in Educational Psychology, and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree. She is an accredited ICF Results and Meta Coach, with specific integration of Neuroscience and NLP in her practice and design of leadership development programs and in her coaching practice. Rita is an accredited TLCP (The Leadership Circle Profile™) consultant. She is also a certified Multipliers Workshop Leader, Coach and Keynote speaker with The Wiseman Group. As an accredited Results System’s Team Coach, she facilitates teams to work together in more responsive and collaborative ways to impact and improve business performance.

Founder of Leadership Cafe, Rita Ranchod is passionate about coaching executives, Leaders and Managers, Women in Leadership and Millennials entering the workplace to become the best they can be.



Alpesh is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and has spent 7  years working for Procter and Gamble.  Alpesh has experience in various roles within the manufacturing and supply chain network which includes Lean Manufacturing and Manufacturing Excellence as well as Supply Chain Design, Organization Strategy and Design and Leadership Development.  


Alpesh is qualified as a Trauma Incident Reduction (TIR) Facilitator.  

His experience and certification includes the following: 

  • Lean Manufacturing Coach - Markheidenfeld, Germany

  • Root Cause Analysis and Unified Problem Solving Tool: Gebze, Turkey

  • Manufacturing Excellence and Loss Elimination - Euskirchen, Germany

  • Project management - University of Johannesburg

  • Managing Organizational Effectiveness: Rome, Italy

  • Supply chain development and synchronization: Marrakech, Morocco

  • Logistics Management College: Cairo, Egypt

Founder of 167 Pretoria Road Medical Suites, Alpesh is passionate about personal development and growth as well as business startup, strategy and development taking into account a rapidly changing external environment. 




Pooja Solankee is a coach, counsellor and the proud owner of Silver Spirit which is a holistic counselling and coaching centre. Pooja is fuelled by her passion to impact the lives of children. Children are innocent souls meant to be nurtured, mentored, educated and to live in a healthy, stable, and positive home. Pooja's core area of expertise lie in deconstructing and re-engineering family units based on fundamental principles; uncovering childhood behaviors which become the blueprint of your adult life; aligning core individual values from a mind, body, emotional, spiritual and etheric level to become resilient, determined and purposeful human beings.

Her vision is To ignite the human spirit for their true potential to be experienced abundantly, authentically and purposefully.

Her area of expertise include the following:

  •   Personal Development Coaching

  •   Small Business Coaching 

  •   Child & Adolescent Counselling

  •   Master Mindfulness Practitioner 

  •   NLP – Neuroliguistic Programming 


Founder of Silver Spirit Life Coach, Pooja is passionate about youth development and growth.



Jessie Pillay is a qualified Biokineticist and has been working in private practice for over 5 years. After obtaining her Honours degree in Biokinetics, she went on to pursue an Honours degree in Psychology, to help merge her love for both the human body and mind.

She likes to approach clients and situations in a holistic manner and strives to place the wellbeing of her clients first.

Having volunteered at LifeLine Ekurhuleni, Jessie is no stranger to the variety of psycho-social distresses that people may find themselves in.

Jessie is qualified as a Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) facilitator and has a great passion for both the physical and psychological wellbeing of people.