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We help leaders build resilient mindsets to operate in a NEW WORLD with a



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Our Approach

In a new world where fear and uncertainty becomes the foundation of how we operate in an ever changing external environment, Leadership Cafe provides you with the tools, capabilities and expertise to help you and your business navigate and thrive through the unknown. 

We coach and facilitate quality and excellence in leadership. We bring robustness and harmonious balance to leadership practices through a fusion of business with neuroscience, coaching and mentoring skills, collaborative engagements, social and emotional intelligence, mindful practices and energy creation techniques.

Our programs integrate wisdom of the East and West, offering disciplines of mastering the mind which are essential for strengthening leadership resilience and effectiveness in managing complexities of volatile, uncertain and ambiguous demands in today’s world.

The programs are designed to enable participants with tools and techniques  to shape enhanced mindsets for renewed behaviors.

Our Programs

Trauma Incident Reduction

Work through the emotional connections of your past experiences to prevent triggers

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Girl in Therapy

Organizational Performance Design

3 Day workshop to design the right culture and behaviors in your organization to achieve your business goals and targets

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Startup Development Team
Packaging Factory

Lean Manufacturing Consultation

Manufacturing and supply chain consultation, looking at a deep dive loss elimination and analysis across manufacturing supply chain.

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Medical Team

Business Strategy and Growth [Medical Practices]

Redesigning and rethinking business strategy and growth utilizing social media platforms designed for the medical practices

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Storm in the Sea

Developing Extreme Resilience

The lone Cyprus Tree is a testament to hardiness. IT withstood 250 years of Pacific Storms.

How do you withstand winds and storms within your context and build resilience?

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Woman at Work

Advancing Women in Leadership

Women in the workplace are beginning to play a crucial role in shaping and shifting business paradigms. 

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Quick Sync

Executive Coaching

Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

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“ I signed up for the Advancing Woman in Leadership. Since I finished the program I’ve grown leaps and bounds in my company. ”



“ Since I did my leadership coaching through LeadershipCafe I never looked back, set my eyes to the future and have a new confidence in my stride. Thank you Leadership Cafe! The investment in my future is priceless ”



“Wow! That is basically how I can some up the leadership programme I took with Leadership Café. Once again THANK YOU!! ”

Where to find us

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Tel: 083 733 1965


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